A hospitality group with restaurants nationwide needed branding that reflected their various locations, but remained uncluttered and user-friendly. We devised a grid pattern with various images of the restaurant locations that are interchangeable as needed.


brg-se folder-closed

brg-se folder-open

A folder with stacked cards for the Special Events Department. The modern script, printed in silver ink, adds an elegant touch.



A brochure for the Special Events Department, and a postcard.



Media Kit.


04-BRG-Ny EveMenu

Menu covers are designed each year and printed individually for each location. We manipulated an image of a Champagne bottle in Photoshop to create this festive image.



The paper in this bookmark promoting Earth Day is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be torn up and planted.



Their holiday card is adorned with a simple snowflake, which upon closer inspection is comprised of pepper grinders, martini glasses and other culinary-themed silhouettes. Printed in simple silver ink on heavy vellum paper.



A diecut window previews the message “Happy Holidays to You”. When the card is opened, the message is spelled out by the restaurants in the company’s portfolio.