DOS CAMINOS EXTERIOR GRAPHICS: Screen-printed barriers utilize a motif from a vintage gate within the restaurant. The repeating pattern is both effective and complementary to the surroundings of the Meatpacking District. A laser-cut and back-lit steel lightbox acts as the main focal point for the entrance into the restaurant.





675 BAR: A subterranean lounge wanted to maintain its underground feel. Exterior signage was hand painted and distressed. Wayfinding signage inside was painted directly on the bare brick walls.




POSTCARD INN: Exterior signage was designed and installed to specification by local fabricators. We designed blueprints, schematics and presented renderings of all signage.



WILDWOOD BARBEQUE: We worked closely with the interior design team to develop wayfinding signage that is unique and utilizes different materials, in keeping with the branding of the restaurant.

05-WW-Takeout Neon



BILL’S BAR & BURGER / MEATPACKING DISTRICT: A neon window sign and a graphic strip that runs around all windows.



BILL’S BAR & BURGER / ROCKEFELLER CENTER / Permanent Signage: A large project involving three separate areas within the building. We worked with management company of the building to design appropriate graphics for a landmark Art Deco building, that were also in line with the brand. Exterior lettering is custom typography, cut from bronze. Windows have a graphic strip wrapping along the bottom edge to provide visual unity.





BILL’S BAR & BURGER / ROCKEFELLER CENTER / PRE-OPENING TEASER CAMPAIGN: Distressed type and textures were used to promote the opening of the restaurant. We developed the signature “ketchup & mustard” red and yellow of the brand against a gray concrete texture, which made it very eye-catching to passersby.